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What is a secondment?

A secondment is the temporary ‘loan’ of an employee usually to another part of the organisation or to another employer.

Essex County Council have created an shared secondment scheme to bring secondment opportunities in Essex into one place.

What are the benefits of a secondment opportunity?

Secondments offer valuable career development opportunities. They are a great way to explore other roles, departments and/or locations, which exposes you to new situations and gives you the chance to develop new skills.

Secondments last six to twenty-four months. This provides some reassurance that you can return to your substantive post should you not enjoy or wish to continue working in a new area, offering a refreshing sense of security.

Developing your skill set may lead to new opportunities and that’s great.  If you don’t return to your substantive post because of a positive experience, we consider this a success. And if you do return to your substantive post, this is a success also, as you’ll bring new skills back to your rolem, team and organisation.

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