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It’s amazing what you can
achieve when you are open minded.

A proud county

There is so much about Essex that makes us proud. Most important is its diversity – in every sense of the word.

Essex is many places. Here you’ll find historic market towns and radical new ones. Busy cities, bucolic villages and hard-working port communities. Rolling fields, vigorous rivers and the longest coastline of any county in Britain.

Our heritage makes Essex great. But we’re determined to make our future even greater still. These are our priorities.


We want to work locally to create homes not houses; places not developments; communities not estates.

The strength of Essex is its people. We are home to an incredible voluntary sector and community spirit. It’s our goal to nurture a safer, better connected society by giving people more ways to control and contribute to their communities.


Over three quarters of Essex’s schools are good or outstanding. But our ambitions go beyond that. We want to make sure every child has the chance for a prosperous future. We’re determined to eradicate the gap in outcomes for disadvantaged children, giving every child the knowledge, support and security they need to seize every chance at success and happiness.

“Justify your ideas and you’re free to pursue them. What matters is what works.”


Essex is home to many exciting organisations and more entrepreneurs for the size of our economy than anywhere else in the UK. Our ambition is to unlock personal potential across Essex, attracting and growing big businesses that will provide the growth, investment and opportunities we all need to prosper and for our County to compete in a changing and ever-challenging global economy.


Essex has an unbeatable location, close proximity to London – a gateway to Europe and the rest of the world. It’s our goal to amplify the possibilities this location brings us by unshackling us from cars and congestion with efficient, modern and sustainable transport networks and digitally connected homes and businesses. Our priority is to tackle congestion on our roads and railways, securing large scale investment in low carbon modes of transport and delivering super-fast broadband to every part of the county.

Ultimately everything boils down to this: change is unstoppable and constant. Because of this, we want to make sure the change is positive and it happens on our terms. We’re determined to direct it, seize it and the opportunities it presents. The only way to achieve this is to work together for the right outcomes for the residents of Essex.

Change is unstoppable, but when we come together, so are we.

Change is healthy

And we don’t stand still. It’s the only way to solve tomorrow’s challenges and embrace the opportunities to come. Change is healthy. We don’t just live with, we create it.

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We do good things on a huge scale.