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An introduction to the scheme

With spending on agency fees eating into budgets we are introducing the Essex Educational Framework a suite of low-cost recruitment initiatives designed to support Essex schools & Trusts with their temporary or permanent recruitment needs. The framework utilises our team of inhouse education recruitment specialists, our talent pool of quality fully compliant and vetted candidates, and access to a supply chain of fully audited and accredited specialist agencies on preferential rates. We recognise that schools have differing needs and have worked closely with the Essex County Council Education department to ensure our services matches key drivers such as cost, compliance, and ease of use. As a part of the council our services are offered on a cost only not for profit basis resulting in very large savings over other avenues.

To further support our schools, we are introducing the framework rewards scheme which gives cash back for every day you have a temporary worker or place a permanent worker sourced from the framework. This can represent a meaningful cash injection back into a school at the end of the school year, we see this framework as a unique partnership between ECC and all Essex based educational providers the greater the usage the larger the rewards schools can benefit from to channel into other projects.

Features of the Framework

  • Full compliance under pinned by the ECC vetting team.
  • No temp to perm fees
  • Transparency of costs, for both internal & supply chain hires.           
  • Dedicated account manager within our education team
  • Rewards scheme
  • Advice and support

Why use the Educational Framework?

Peace of mind on compliance

ECC has a team of 10 experienced and qualified employment vetting specialists who work in compliance with the Department for Education’s Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance and already work with our schools to vet employees, they undertake all checks for our internal hires. The framework also gives you access to audited and accredited agencies, who have passed a rigours tender and evaluation process, this ensures their compliance is at the same level as our internal checks.

Transparency on costs

All the services offered by us, are shown in an easy-to-understand rates table. Our permanent hire charge is a fixed rate (not percentage of salary) and our temporary rates are set at 50% less then industry standard. Along with this all the agencies within the framework quote clearly showing their markup and what the worker is paid. Should you wish to conduct your own internal search & selection we also offer standalone recruitment services such as advertising, using channels such as, LinkedIn, Apply4U, Find a Job, Indeed to name a few, which are not usually available.  We can also source media quotes at no cost for other publications such Times Education Supplement.

Advice and support

Your dedicated and experienced account manager can guide you through the options available and answer any questions, the framework means should you wish to use an agency the members of the framework are already fully vetted, and price checked meaning you are assured of the best rates and compliance without the time consuming need to shop around and negotiate.

Your framework your choice

The framework lets you decide how you want to approach your recruitment, you may want to use our internal team, you may want to use an agency, you may want support on additional advertising routes, you may only want some advice. The framework allows access to unbiased advice and clear concise information along with total peace of mind which allows you to make an informed choice.

Reward Scheme

The educational reward scheme is a unique way for us to give something back to framework users and is by way of an easy and transparent cash back offer. For everyday you have a temporary worker on site your school will get £1 cash back. For every permanent placement made your school will receive 1% of the fee, whether we fill your roles or the agency on the framework.  You simply log you reward days with us monthly and at the end of the school year we will present you with all the monies you have accrued.

Who can use the framework?

The framework is available to educational settings in Essex only:

  • schools
  • colleges
  • academies
  • trusts

How to access the framework

The framework is designed to be as easy to use as possible, any provider within any of the educational settings listed above can access the scheme provided they are based in Essex, there is no paperwork to fill in because we auto enrol you which means should you wish to access the framework you can do so immediately. For administration purposes for you to access the rewards scheme you will need to register and receive the claims form pack.

Once the scheme is live all schools will receive the following:

  • Welcome pack with this guide and full contact details.
  • ECC internal rate card showing all our rates in a clear and concise manner.
  • Agency selection tool showing agency markup, areas of expertise and geographical spread.
  • Rewards scheme registration details.

When you have a vacancy, you can decide on how you want to approach the selection process, you can contact your account manager who will go over the role and discuss the best way forward, or directly contact a framework agency this is especially helpful for emergency ad-hoc hires or specialist areas, either way you are in control of the process. Once a placement is made you simply need to ensure you forward your monthly reward log to your account manager (registered users only), dependent on your approach you will either be invoiced by ECC or directly by the agencies.

Framework Agencies

We recognise that sometimes you may need to go to an agency rather than directly to ECC this can be true either for an emergency need, a specialist role or remote location. To support you in choosing a fully compliant, reputable agency at the best clear and concise rates we have undertaken a full tender process on behalf of the framework members. This tender examines in detail an agencies track record, its compliance, its ability to offer the service levels required, along with its rates, and lays out our terms of business to which all framework agencies comply with. They also fully support the school rewards scheme and give the appropriate cash back from their fees. If you wish to engage an agency within the framework our agency selection tool will help you find suitable suppliers who service your location. You will need to know the type of worker and length of assignment you need and then can contact suitable suppliers directly, mentioning you are using the Essex Educational Framework.

When you have chosen a supplier, simply sign an order form and send it to them.

You don’t need to change anything that you are currently doing. Let us know about your placement and we will make sure you can access our preferential rates straight away.

We can also help with:

  • Recruitment Support – finding the right candidates for your vacancies.
  • Payroll – perfect if you already have individuals you know and trust and need a service to pay your worker.
  • Employment Vetting Checks – ensuring your candidate is compliant to start work.

To find out more please get in touch with our Recruitment Team at