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About Us

We are delighted to offer Essex County Council’s Recruitment Services to employers who require our support.

Over the last 15 years, we have completely evolved our resourcing model and have an award winning, dedicated and experienced in-house resourcing team.

We have access to a large pool of talent attraction tools including our well established careers site and talent pool community.

99.8% of Essex County Council vacancies are filled without the use of agencies, and we would like to offer our partners the same cost effective approach to the recruitment market.

We want to share our expertise and collaborate with public sector organisations to provide a permanent recruitment service that helps you to meet your recruitment needs, in a timely and cost effective way.

Recruit with Us

We offer a recruitment service that is tailored to meet your permanent recruitment needs. We recognise that not every organisation is the same and we will work closely with you to make sure the solution is right for you.

We attract over 3,000 applications a month and are perfectly positioned to use our talent database and experience to support Essex organisations. This is different to traditional recruitment methods as we have an engaged pool of talent and wide talent attraction reach to find the best candidates.

Recruitment for Schools

In partnership with Essex Schools Jobs, we are offering a complementary service to offer a full suite of recruitment and employment vetting services. Tailored to your school’s needs, we can support with part or all of the recruitment process.

  • Advertising your roles further
  • Shortlisting candidates who apply
  • Arranging candidate interviews
  • Managing candidate feedback
  • Pre-employment vetting

Our Recruitment Services

We offer three levels of recruitment service:



Benefits to your organisation:

To ensure that we provide the best value for money, in line with your recruitment needs, we offer these services on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

  • No contract
  • No costly placement fees
  • Bringing together public sector organisations across Essex to enhance talent attraction
  • Partner with the 2nd largest Local Authority in the UK

Have a specific recruitment need?

Please get in touch, we would be happy to discuss your recruitment needs and quote for specific requirements, specialist campaigns and executive recruitment.

We also have a range of additional recruitment services we can offer including:

  • Video Interviewing – a great way to find out more about your candidates and particularly useful for high volume campaigns. We can set up a video and support candidates through the process, and if you haven’t much time we can support to screen and shortlist too.
  • Psychometric assessment and explanation – get to know your candidates better with a psychometric test.
  • Interview arrangements – if you haven’t opted for our Search and Provide service but need some support with the final stage of the interview process, we can help with this.
  • HR support services – From drafting adverts and interview questions we have a range of HR support services available.
  • Employment Vetting – Our 100% online solution for compliance checks helps you safeguard and make safer recruitment decisions. Please click here for more information.

Either use these services in conjunction with another service or on its own. And, if you’re looking for a longer term solution we also offer monthly and annual subscriptions.

Or alternatively, if you’re looking for a short term solution, we also have a team that focus solely on temporary recruitment.

Our expertise is wide and varied, so please do get in contact with us at to find out more.