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Welcome to Essex Pension Fund

The Essex Pension Fund is one of 86 pension funds which make up the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). The LGPS is the largest defined benefit pension scheme in England and Wales with a fund value of over £340billion.

On its own, our Fund looks after 174,000 Scheme Members, over 740 Employers and is valued at over £9.5billion, placing us within the top 10 LGPS funds in the country.

The team itself is made up of over 60 members of staff and you’ll see further down in the bio’s what each team are responsible for. We’re very fortunate in that we have a wealth of knowledge and experience which is due in no small part to our staff wanting to build a career with us. The Director herself began working in the Fund over 35 years ago as an entry level employee. In fact if you add up the number of years our staff have worked with us it totals over 700 years, which is the equivalent to each team member having worked with us for over 11 years. That’s pretty impressive when you consider the average time someone stays working for the same company is around 4 years. Have a look at some of the things our staff have said about working here in the testimonials below.

As we’re called Essex Pension Fund, you’d be forgiven for thinking that we only look after our scheme members and employers who live and work in Essex. However, this isn’t true, we actually have over 44,000 pensioner members who we pay a total of £17million each and every month. Our pensioners don’t only live in Essex or the UK, we make payments to over 60 countries around the globe, ranging from the Caribbean to Cambodia!

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A message from our Director

“I am a firm believer in taking an holistic approach when it comes to the way we do things here in Essex Pension Fund. To help create the family friendly environment we have, we place an emphasis on flexibility and to strike the perfect balance between our work life and our home life. I like to encourage staff to move from team to team when opportunities arise so they can have a more rounded understanding of what we do whilst this also strengthens their knowledge and improves their overall skills.

There is no doubt in my mind that our staff are at the heart of everything we do. Without a talented and dedicated team we wouldn’t be able to provide the high level of service our scheme members and employers have become accustomed to. I can see the pride the team take in wanting to be friendly, understanding and knowledgeable when helping and guiding our scheme members, whether this is face to face, through telephone and MS Teams conversations, emails or traditional letters, we listen to the feedback we’re given through our surveys in order to continually improve what we do.

I remain enormously ambitious and I know the team share the same feelings and beliefs as me when it comes to delivering against the goals and standards we’ve set ourselves in our 3 year Business Plan and all our Fund specific Strategies.”

Jody Evans, Director of Essex Pension Fund

Hear from our team members

Have you ever thought about a career in Pensions?

Probably not… However, have you thought about a career in an environment where the people you work with make you feel welcome, supported and a valued member of a team? People who help make where you work a vibrant, fun, inclusive and innovative place to be? People who invest their own time to help you develop and be the best version of yourself? People who want to make a positive difference to the lives of over 174,000 Scheme Members and their communities?

If the answer is yes, then Essex Pension Fund (EPF) might just be the place for you. The Fund’s overall goal is to ensure pensions are paid to our Scheme Members when they fall due. This isn’t easy and all our teams who make up the Fund work closely to make sure this happens. So how do we achieve everything we have set out to do? Take a moment to look at how many teams we have and their main responsibilities by reading a brief overview which have been written by our Team Managers:

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  • Data Analyst

    This position has been classed as an anywhere worker role but has an expectation that the successful candidate will attend the office, in Chelmsford, 2 days per week, with the remaining time allowing for remote working if desired. Working Monday to Friday.

Why choose Essex Pension Fund?

This is a great place to work and we’re all extremely proud of the work we do and the difference we make to so many people. EPF is one of the largest Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) funds in the country (we sit in the top 10 out of nearly 90 funds across England and Wales). The Fund is valued at just over £9.5billion, with over 740 Scheme Employers and 174,000 Scheme Members so it’s huge! We have a team of around 60 staff who all work closely together to make sure we do everything we promise to deliver.

Everyone in EPF encourages each other to succeed and there is a real sense of pride and commitment when it comes to wanting to perform at your best and making a difference. We’re a very approachable, caring and diverse team who help create a safe and friendly working environment. There are always development opportunities and if you are dedicated, have the drive and determination you can have a very rewarding career with us. Listen to what our staff say about working here…

“I really enjoy working in Essex Pension Fund as it’s a friendly and caring environment and my work life balance is perfect” – Mel

“If you are looking for a supportive and rewarding workplace then Essex Pension Fund is the place for you. I have always been made to feel like I am a valued member of the team and encouraged to be the best I can be. Not to mention the fact we are a very happy and welcoming office!” Sarah Jane

“Essex Pension Fund have given me the opportunity to balance my family and work life perfectly which is really important to me.

 Also knowing that I am listened to, have the opportunity to progress and understand where and how I fit in with the team as a whole is really reassuring” Senita

“The Essex Pension Fund is a collaborative working environment, where everyone is treated with significance despite their role. One of my favourite things about working here is that, employee wellbeing is made a priority. Not only is flexible working available, which helps balance work, home life and studying (for those on the graduate scheme), but managers along with colleagues are very compassionate towards one another”Yetunde

“For me, working for Essex Pension Fund you really are part of a team that contributes to all the Funds successes. I feel supported in all that I do and this support has enabled me to progress in my career. Pensions is forever changing but the Fund is very innovative and forward thinking – always looking at ways to improve the working environment which makes it such a great place to work”Dan

“I have been in the Graduate programme since June, and I am really enjoying my time here in such a welcoming and supportive workplace!” – Peter

“Coming straight out of university, I feel like I am really being nurtured into ensuring I can do my new role to the best of my ability. As well as on the job training, regular check ins are arranged to see how I’m getting along. I am never made to feel like a question is a silly question; in fact I am always encouraged to ask questions. Overall, a system has been created where despite your background or personal ambitions, there is room for everyone to thrive” – Yetunde

“I have worked for the Fund for 4 years and it has truly been a wonderful time. I felt accepted as part of the ‘family’ from day one, making so many friends and looking forward to our next after work social or team event. Despite the rough edge that lockdown brought we all went out of our way to keep the bond and make others smile and not feel so isolated. We sent recipes and pictures of how wonderful or awful they turned out and pictures of kids and pets who were sharing our ‘lockdown laughs’ with the rest of the team. The last 4 years has flown by and I feel so lucky to be sharing my time with such lovely people” – Amanda

We’re evolving all the time and we want to make where we work the best it can possibly be. We’re always thinking of different ways for how, when or where we work, taking into account the needs of the business of course. We think it’s important to strike the right work life balance and to make EPF a place where people choose to work.


The Essex Pension Fund team recently won two awards, recognising the fantastic achievements of the sixty plus strong team. We’re very fortunate we have a wealth of knowledge and experience which is due in no small part to our staff wanting to build a career with us. 

Taking home first prize at both the Pension Age Awards 2023 and the LAPF Investment Awards 2022 respectively, our team were honoured for both their pension scheme and investment strategy.

You can find out more about our recent award wins here

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We’re a very flexible place to work with the majority of your time spent working from home (although you can work in the office more if this suits). Depending on the role you apply for, you may be required to attend the office up to two days a week and occasionally more if there is a business need.