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Welcome to Corporate Services

“The Corporate Services function is integral to Essex County Council’s ways of working and how we support Essex citizens. Our technology team work across all services ensuring that we are able to provide great solutions to both the workforce and 1.4 million residents of Essex in a digital age. Our Finance team oversees all financial management aspects – and as the second largest local authority in the country, with that scale comes opportunity both professionally. But most importantly of all, we want people who are creative thinkers who want to find better value ways to deliver outcomes to Essex residents.

Corporate Services compromises of a number of centralized core professional services such as Finance, Legal and Procurement, and also oversees all Technology services for Essex, including devices, services and security. Our Finance team includes financial strategy, management and accounting, but also oversees transactional services ranging from debtors, to financial assessment, to debt management. Our Legal services incudes overseeing the democratic services, insurance and risk. At Essex we have a centralized Procurement team that is CIPs accredited – overseeing contract management, sourcing and market shaping for over £1billion spend. We provide arrangements for Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) members through the Essex Pension Fund and are the lead accountable body for the delivery of economic growth with the South Essex Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP).

We look for individuals who can match our passion, bring expertise and ideas and join us in delivering outstanding professional services. Please take a look at our vacancies and explore what opportunities there are for you to join us.”

Nicole Wood, Executive Director, Corporate Services

Nothing less than vital

Join Corporate Services, and you’ll be part of a 750 -strong team, providing critical services that make a huge difference to our residents’ lives.

Essex County Council has a turnover of over £2 billion, a £900 million supply chain and over a million transactions a year.   As well as overseeing the financial administration of these substantial numbers, our Legal and Assurance service provides legal advice, support to Councillors and a range of assurance services which help the Council have the right plans in place to manage the risks it faces.

Corporate Services bring a customer, supplier and market focus to everything we do, find out about our core services here.

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