About us - Working for Essex
Ask questions, challenge solutions, think differently. That’s how we serve Essex.

We always aim higher

At Essex County Council, we look after a large, diverse, complex region of the country. But our approach to creating a place where individuals, families and communities can thrive and prosper is simple.

Free to deliver big

We recruit creative, ambitious, talented people, and free them up to think – and deliver – big.

We’ve made substantial changes in recent years, reorganising how we’re structured and how we work, so we can protect the most vulnerable and enable our economy to grow. 

Join the trailblazers

Join us and you’ll be trusted to take control, manage change and make a lasting impact. You’ll be able to call upon external partners and suppliers to help you deliver. More importantly, talented, trailblazing colleagues – including many industry-leaders – will be right by your side to share ideas, knowledge and experience.

Change is healthy

And we don’t stand still. It’s the only way to solve tomorrow’s challenges and embrace the opportunities to come. Change is healthy. We don’t just live with, we create it.

Adult Social Care Deputy Team Manager
Equality & Diversity
Everything is built on strong relationships.