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Welcome to the Chief Executive’s Office

“Our function provides expert strategy, communication, performance and insight advice to enable the organisation to achieve its key strategic outcomes.

The function, housed in the Chief Executive’s Office, helps the organisation to determine its key objectives, supports the development of the evidence to underpin our strategic and operational focus – including performance information –  and is responsible for communicating both internally and externally with our key audiences to support the fulfilment of our objectives.

This function also leads our equalities and levelling up work and is responsible for our strategic relationships with partners. To perform our role well, we need high energy, creative and thoughtful people who are proud of what they do and the difference they can make to the lives of the people and businesses of Essex.

Please apply now if you wish to join our busy teams and help shape the future of our local authority and our county.”

Richard Puleston, Director Policy

The Chie​​​f Executive Officer (CEO) office supports the Chief Executive, the Council’s Cabinet and the whole organisation in the overarching strategic direction and leadership of the County Council.

The CEO’s office:

  • works closely with the political leadership at ECC to set policy direction.
  • ensures systems are established for the effective translation of policy into action.
  • leads on performance and evaluation for the whole Council and generates insights –to underpin effective decision making and to ensure the Council is evidence led and learning orientated.
  • supports system-wide engagement, including with the city, district and borough councils, Essex Police, Essex Universities, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service, and NHS, as well as a variety of voluntary and community organisations.
  • is responsible for the corporate management of key Board meetings required to run the business, including managing the forward plan and actions arising from the meetings.
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