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Green Careers Week – Find a career with ECC

Essex County Council’s Entry to Work team is celebrating Green Careers Week by highlighting their contribution to Green Apprenticeships. Green Careers and Apprenticeships form part of ECC’s contribution to achieving net carbon zero by 2050. Each occupation is dedicated to tackling climate change and adapting into the new ‘Green Economy’.

To mark the start if Green Careers Week on 7th November, the Entry to Work team have recently collaborated with Amazing Apprenticeships who have produced a short film featuring Kayra Salih, one our Green Apprentices, along with other individuals undertaking Green Apprenticeships.

Kayra, who is currently undertaking the Associated Project Management Apprenticeship, comments “As an Energy Efficiency Officer at ECC I’ve been able to apply the skills gained through my project management apprenticeship over the last year to low carbon and energy projects across Essex. Seeing the impact of my green apprenticeship enhance my day-to-day work has been really rewarding and valuable”

Entry to Work’s Team Manager, Johanna Smith, comments “Green Apprenticeships are key to ensuring we achieve the 2050 net carbon zero target. ECC are committed to embedding green skills and roles within the organisation so it’s great to see spotlight on early careers. We have various entry pathways into ECC, which the team are tremendously proud and passionate about, so we’re very excited about the launch of the video to highlight Green Apprenticeships.

So, what are Green Apprenticeships?

There are three different levels of Green Apprenticeships, signified by different shades of green – light, medium and dark. Each shade is associated with certain occupations and their impact on achieving net carbon zero by 2050.

For example, a data analysis apprentice won’t directly reduce the impact of climate change, however there may be duties that can be sustainably undertaken, this is as ‘Light Green’ Apprenticeship. A Project Manager apprentice can play a part in net zero carbon with new knowledge and skills, this is a ‘Medium Green’ apprenticeship. Furthermore, a ‘Dark Green’ apprenticeship is an occupation that directly reduces carbon emissions and is embedded throughout the role, for example, a Countryside Ranger or Recycling Operative.

The Entry to Work Team has taken strides in Early Career pathways and will continue to do so with the launch of Green Apprenticeships.

To find out more, or what apprenticeships are available, please get in touch with the team at