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Careers in Essex – What can ECC offer you?

We spoke with Jonathan following on from our new branding photoshoot. Having worked across four of eight functions here at Essex, Jonathan has a rare insight into life in the organisation.

We asked Jonathan a few questions to get a glimpse into his work here, and his journey so far:

Why did you apply to work at ECC?

I began my career at ECC by completing a Business Administration Apprenticeship, I had applied for the apprenticeship as at the time I was not sure on what career to pursue.

The apprenticeship provided an opportunity to learn, earn and gain new skills and experience within the workplace – I am glad I did it as it provided me opportunities to work in a variety of roles and find my identity in what to pursue as a career.

You’ve worked across multiple functions here, what have you gained for your experiences in the organisation?

Working across multiple function areas has been a great learning experience in gaining insight into the intricate details of the vast roles we have here at ECC and how they intertwine with each other as an organisation to support the county.

It has also been great to be able to build relationships and learn so much from everyone’s differing areas of expertise in their respective functions.

Why did you volunteer to be part of our branding refresh?

I love the idea of colleagues of all walks of life being involved to better represent our workforce and celebrate diversity.

Finally, what do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work I enjoy keeping active and currently really into strength training and hiking. I also love playing board games with friends – it is always a great laugh, despite my competitiveness to win!

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