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Spotlight – School Crossing Patrol Team

The School Crossing Patrol Team help children and adults across Essex, to cross the road in a safe way, whilst they are walking to and from school. Working in the team provides a great opportunity for part time, term time work, where you can support your local community at the same time.

There are two types of roles within the School Crossing Patrol Team, Officers who are stationed at a specific schools and Mobile Officers who cover a range of school patrols in their located area.

Two of our School Crossing Patrol Service team members recently received Lifetime Achievement Awards for their services to the local community of Brentwood. Frances Cook joined the School Crossing Patrol Service in March 1989 and Pauline Allen joined in November 1985. As well as receiving their awards, Frances and Pauline were interviewed by BBC Essex.

So what did Frances and Pauline have to say about the School Crossing Patrol role?

Frances“I’ve been working in the position for almost 33 years, I needed a job that fitted in with the children and it’s a job that once you start its very hard to walk away from. When you see the children coming up the road and waving at you, it’s lovely.  And even with the British weather you’ve got the uniform for it, it’s waterproof and you have thermal liners for coats.”

Pauline “It was the benefit of working term time hours and not working school holidays, if I’m off with the children, that’s great.  I only took it on for a month, but it’s been 35 years. It’s very rewarding, you get to know the children and they all thank you for being there.”

Congratulations to Pauline and Frances, who have been celebrating their awards and letting everyone know about how much they love the job and encouraging anyone who might be interested to apply!

I have never looked back…such a rewarding job.

If you would like to find out about the latest School Crossing Patrol vacancies in your area, visit our search page here.

We look forward to receiving your applications!