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T-Levels in Essex – What do we offer?

Essex County Council’s (ECC) Entry to Work Team aim to support everyone to get into employment with equal opportunity therefore we are proud and excited to be working with our colleagues in Business Support to offer students from South Essex College work placements for their Management and Business T- level.

What is a T Level?

T Levels were introduced in September 2020 and are the equivalent to 3 A- Levels. They are targeted for 16–19-year-olds. However, the biggest difference is an unpaid 45-day placement which students must undertake. T Levels provide a new pathway for students that do not work to the ‘one size fits all’ methodology of learning.

This programme helps to provide skills and qualifications to someone who may not have had the work experience or opportunity to gain these needed skills. It provides an experience of work etiquette, as well as ensuring that no young person misses out when it comes to post-education opportunities.

What have the students been doing so far?

Since starting their placements in October 2022, the students have had an introduction into the working office environment, including tips on how best to communicate in the workplace to get the most out of their placement and future working career. The students have also had the opportunity to work with our internal SME on “Key Skills Microsoft 365” and “Tech and Train” sessions, as well as undertake Mental Health Awareness Training.

Although still in the early stages of their placement with business support, the students are keen to highlight their experience:

“All the mentors are really friendly and helpful; I know my work experience will look impressive on my CV!”

“I am really enjoying the T- level placement so far and I think it will help to prepare me for working and create opportunities for me in the future, all of the mentors are very helpful and create a great friendly for us all to work.”

“I am thoroughly enjoying my T-Level course, one of the reasons is due to how welcoming and friendly the mentors are.”

“The office environment really opens my eyes and gives me a taste of the work life, furthermore I really do hope to gain a job after this.”

Moving forward, Business Support will continue to provide a breath of knowledge, experience and skills to the students, with the aim of selecting a specialism for the final months of their placement.

The Entry to Work Team has taken strides in Early Career pathways and will continue to do with the continued T- level Programme. To find out more on T-Level programmes or what the Entry to Work Team offers please review our page here