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Career Insight Days – Inspiring experiences for young people

Entry to Work has successfully hosted Career Insight Days for over 700 students in 5 secondary schools across Essex. The program is designed to provide insights into Essex County Council (ECC) as an organisation and what a career with us could offer.

What is a ‘career insight day’?

Our aim for these events is to highlight the benefits of working in an understanding environment, why ECC could be a future employer, and how students can be supported and fulfilled if they choose a career with us. Various teams from within the Council held interactive workshops with the students – giving an overview of their business areas, examples of duties, and their individual career journeys. The interactive elements were a great hit with the students, getting them up from their desks and talking with peers.

The teams that took part in the Career Insight Days have contributed to the Council’s promise of inspiring young minds and helping them understand ways to find the perfect role.

Hear from the students on their experience:

“I learned a lot about how apprenticeships work.”

“It was a helpful session and it informed us about the jobs at ECC and what they’re all about.”

 “It was good to know the variety of jobs available, and that I can change my career path.”

“Procurement was an interesting session and sounds like a job I would be interested in.”

“[It was] helpful to know the jobs and their associated salaries.”

“I learned about the career journeys of people within Business Support and how they got there.”

Career Insight Days not only serve as a way of reaching out to the younger generation of Essex, but they also help ECC fulfil our strategic aims. Some of these aims include “Everyone’s Essex” and “Levelling Up”. The opportunity for students to interact with professionals at ECC has helped them gain knowledge about the next steps they can take for their careers and how to develop skills so they can be prepared for the workplace.

For further information, or to arrange your own career insight day:

ECC has provided an idea of the opportunities available to the young residents in Essex, making this a valuable day for all. If you’re a student or a School Career Lead and would like to know more about our Career Insight Day, or an ECC colleague who’s keen to be involved, please reach out to us at