Charmaine's Secondment Journey - Working for Essex

Charmaine’s Secondment Journey

Charmaine seconded from the Discharge to Assess Team at Essex County Council to a Senior Social Worker role at Here For You, a staff support hub run by NHS EPUT (Essex Partnership University Trust). The Here For You team provides wellbeing and psychological support to healthcare and social care staff.

This is what Charmaine had to say about her experience…

Why was a secondment right for you at the time?

I had worked in various social work roles over the years, with children and families teams as well as in adult teams and felt I had gained sufficient experience to work in a completely different setting. As much as I felt I had gained many skills working in Social Care, I felt I wanted to broaden my experience and learn new skills by working with a different client group.

What benefits have you gained from the experience?

I have had the opportunity to work alongside Psychologists and Therapists, which I have not done before. My previous roles involved liaising with Psychologists and Therapists however my new role has given me the opportunity to do joint work with them. This has meant that I have learnt new ways of working with individuals and groups, and I have also been able to share my knowledge, which was in turn beneficial to the Psychologists.

What have you enjoyed most about your experience?

I have enjoyed the variety that the role has provided. I have worked with individuals, teams and large groups of people. I have also had the privilege of meeting staff from departments and teams that I would have not met otherwise.

What advice would you give to someone considering a secondment?

I would advise people to explore secondment opportunities that will provide different experience and skills. Secondments broaden our experiences and open our eyes and minds to learning. This in turn can give us more confidence, empathy and understanding as practitioners.

Looking for a secondment opportunity?

If you’re interested in developing your career, you can find secondment opportunities on the new Essex Secondment Jobs website.