Emilia's Secondment Success Story - Working for Essex

Emilia’s Secondment Success Story

“The change feels good, and I’ve started to feel more enthusiastic and happier.” – Emilia

Our latest secondment blog post features Emilia, who is currently seconded to a Practice Lead Social Worker position in the Quality Assurance Team at Essex County Council. She started her secondment September 2023 and had the following to say about her positive experience:

Why was a secondment right for you at the time?

The secondment felt to be the right opportunity because, despite enjoying my position, I had been in the same team for 8 years and I started feeling stuck in a routine. I was comfortable as every task was familiar, but the repetitiveness felt heavy, and this prompted me to seek a change. I felt there was more potential within me, that I had not tapped into yet, and the secondment was one way to break the routine, learn new skills and continue to make a meaningful impact.

What benefits have you gained?

The opportunity has given me more exposure to new teams and colleagues, networking opportunities, allowing me to foster valuable connections with others. The secondment encouraged me to develop new skills and create fresh perspectives, thinking more innovatively. Having to adapt to a new team and different responsibilities has helped me improve my confidence and be more dynamic. As well as helping me progress on my CPD, the change feels good, and I’ve started to feel more enthusiastic and happier.

What have you enjoyed most about your experience?

The learning opportunities have allowed me to broaden my skill set, work with new teams and gain valuable insight across different aspects of the organisation. Overall, the experience so far has been very enjoyable and contributed significantly to my wellbeing and learning development.

What advice would you give to someone considering a secondment?

I view the secondment role as a steppingstone for your future career opportunities. The skills and relationships developed will contribute to long term professional growth. A secondment role is a chance to gain exposure to a variety of departments, learn from different experiences, build a diverse skill set and network extensively.

I truly encourage colleagues from all teams to look at these opportunities and not hold back in applying. I was fearful of change but, on reflection, I would make the same choice, as it is such a lovely experience that has only benefited me.

If you’re interested in developing your career, you can find secondment opportunities on the new Essex Secondment Jobs website.