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Spotlight – Data Analytics

We want to shine a spotlight on our Data & Analytics team – Here’s a look into what they do, and what they’re responsible for:

Who are we, and what do we do? 

The role of Analytics is to inspire new thinking and decision making by unlocking the power of data.  There is currently more data in the world than ever before.  We are living in a data revolution and we need to ensure that we harness this rich source of intelligence for public good. That is where ‘analytics’ comes into play!

The mix of skills that exist within our team enables us to provide well-rounded and informed evidence on the needs of our residents’ and the services we provide.

Our aim is to use our collective unique skills to change the way Essex and partners deliver services. Continual analysis is fundamental to ECC’s aspirations. Our team can help understand existing service patterns whilst also looking into the likely demand on services now and in the future. We help evaluate the impact of the council’s work-streams and initiatives, and make recommendations on where these are likely to have the most effective impact.

Our ensemble includes skilled analysts, emerging data scientists, developers and programmers, and social scientists. This puts us in a position where we can apply our technical proficiency to projects, but also contribute to the project scope and delivering engaging and influential outputs.

We are working alongside local academic institutes and are connected to national analysis & data science networks to ensure we continue to develop upon our core skillsets, embracing new and innovative methodologies and learning with our peers.

So, what does 2022 hold for the Data & Analytics team?

We are a team that encourages continued learning.  Over the last few years our staff have learnt some remarkable cutting-edge methodologies that they are now applying to their work.

However, we decided that we don’t want to just build specific skills. We want to build careers in analytics and data science. Preferably public sector analytics, but that is the decision we hope our staff make if we can help facilitate some continued professional development.

We have been called a ‘data savvy’ government analytics team based on an independent public sector data maturity review. Now we have set our target towards becoming regarded as a ‘leading analytics team’ across any sector.

Mostly this just involves finessing a few elements of our data project lifecycle to ensure our work is of the highest quality it can be from start to finish. This will enable us to share and showcase more of our work in more detail to our fellow public sector organisations that may have a shared interest.

We’re currently recruiting for a Senior Analyst to join the team and if the above has not enticed you already, you would be working with an award-winning manager, Stephen who was recently awarded the Sir Ian Diamond Award for Excellence in Government Analytics. To view our advert and apply, click here