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Apply now! – Legal Virtual Work Experience

We are delighted to announce that, following the success of our virtual summer work experience in 2021, we will be running another virtual work experience programme between 20 and 24 June 2022. We look to provide opportunities to gain the experience that is so often sought after within the field of Legal Services. Mohammed, who completed our Virtual Work Experience last year, has offered us an insight into his time with us, and his experience of working at Essex.

Q: What was it about ECC that made you apply to the Legal Services Virtual Work Experience Programme?

Having not pursued a career in Law after graduating in 2009 and then deciding to get back in the Legal field, I looked at my working background and saw my strengths and experience was within the public sector. The ECC virtual work experience programme provided me a great opportunity to experience legal work within a public environment. This along with the fact that the experience would take place virtually made this a no brainer for me and I picked up the courage to put in an application.

Q: Before starting the programme at ECC, what were you doing?

I was working in the financial services industry, an area I had spent the last 10 years.

Mohammed Musani, Paralegal

Q: Can you tell us about the Virtual Work Experience Programme? What type of activities did you get involved in?

The experience was really good, provided a great insight into in-house legal work for a public organisation. There were many talks and discussions from senior members of the team providing a background of what they have done, how they have got to the position they are in now and giving advice. They provided their genuine opinion of what it’s like working for ECC. I also got to experience working in two different teams, the Highways team and the Property team. I had the opportunity to complete research tasks, draft documents, prepare presentations and write a report. All valuable skills that I can utilise in the legal profession.

Q: Overall, how would you rate the Legal Services Virtual Work Experience?

This was my first experience of any kind of professional legal work. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and enjoyed the fact that we had senior members of the organisation such as the head of legal and the director of legal & assurance speaking to us and providing us with advice on how to further our careers.

Q: Since completing the programme, you secured a full-time role at ECC, can you tell us a little more about it?

I kept in touch with the head of legal and made it known that I wanted to join the organisation and I was particularly interested in a position with the property team. When the position came up, every member who participated and requested to be contacted was sent an email and encouraged to apply. I again picked up the courage to apply and went through the recruitment process. I was absolutely over the moon when I was offered the position, not only because I had managed to secure a role within my chosen department but because I was going to be working for an organisation that really makes a difference which I had witnessed first hand during the work experience. Since joining ECC, the experience has lived up to expectation, my colleagues have all been welcoming and continue to provide advice, every day I am learning something new and can honestly say that I am enjoying every second of it.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone thinking about applying to the Virtual Work Experience Programme at ECC?

I would say apply, the experience is amazing, you get to see what it is really like to work for a public body organisation, the advice you get is priceless and I would also say that make sure you make the most of it if you are successful. You should really get involved and try to leave a lasting impression.

If you think you have the skills we are looking for, and are interested in a career at Essex Legal Services, we would love to hear from you.  Please apply via the Working for Essex website:

The advert will open on 28 March 2022 and shortlisting of applications will take place after the closing date of 1 May 2022. Shortlisted candidates will then be asked to video and submit answers to a few questions.  Successful candidates will then be notified via email.

You can find the job advert here.

If you have any queries regarding this opportunity, please contact the Entry to Work team at

We look forward to receiving your applications.