Jawid - Success Story - Working for Essex

Jawid – Success Story

Jawid recently joined Essex County Council (ECC) as a Procurement Officer, below we hear about his experience on the past three months of working at ECC.

Hi Jawid, tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Jawid and I have been at Essex County Council for just over 3 months so I am still new to ECC. I originally studied Politics at the University of Essex. After graduating with a 2:1. As I was interested in politics and particularly public services that is what was a big influence in me applying at Essex County Council.

What prompted you to apply to ECC?

I found out about the vacancy at Essex County Council while looking for new job opportunities. I had a keen interest in government and the benefits of local government so working in the public sector appealed to me.

Sounds great, can you tell us a bit more about the role you do?

My current role at Essex County Council is as a Procurement Officer. I came into this role with experience of private sector procurement but no knowledge or experience in public sector procurement. A particularly proud moment for me so far has been being trusted to take on and lead tasks such as sourcing and market research.

I aim to stay at Essex County Council for as long as I can hopefully turning this role into a lifelong career. The opportunities to develop skills and for moving up the structure are particularly major factors behind this. I am especially hoping to complete my CIPS qualification throughout my time here at Essex County Council.

What would your advice be to anyone considering ECC as an employer?

My advice to anyone considering applying to Essex County Council is to show your excitement and motivation to develop in your field when applying. I would definitely encourage working at Essex County Council. It has been amazing so far for me due to a very considerate and friendly work environment and support from colleagues.

To find out more about our Procurement function and their current vacancies please visit: Corporate Services – Working for Essex